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“ I was holding onto a lot of expensive designer clothes that didn’t suit me, fit me or my lifestyle anymore.”  Brigita was the voice of reason that I needed, when it came to addressing my over, crowded wardrobe.  She helped me let go of a lot of things I never wear, & encouraged me to sell some stuff on recycled designer websites.  It was like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.  Now I can  get ready  for work in the morning without the dread of  struggling to find something to wear& I have kept the things that fit and love and now wear them, because I can find them! now


Brigita was recommended to me by a friend. The first service I used was her *Wardrobe Revival.  It was that good, I hired her to help me style my entire wedding right down to the wedding invitations, to choosing my wedding gown!   She ended up saving me so much time and money as an outcome.  I later hired her to give me a wardrobe edit a few years down the tack.  I have used her services three times now.  And have always been happy with the results.


I scored a major corporate position with a global bank & having worked in a more casual work place in the past I totally freaked out & realised I needed to hire a stylist to help me sharpen up my workwear wardrobe.  I’m a size 14 and was worried  I wouldn’t find something nice to fit me.  But I was so surprised by all the options she found me  that I actually liked on the *Born to Shop experience. All my new staff loved my look and that made me feel so much more confident and amazing.


I was planning a trip to New York, to visit a friend who is a successful writer.  I was so nervous that Wouldn’t look good & I wanted to impress my friend, I hadn’t seen for a while. I am 60 but I don’t want to look old, cause I don’t feel old yet.  Brigita, understood what I meant.  She suggested I get rid of things that made me look older than I feel, & reworked my closet, styling it in so many ways I never even had thought of, I was so surprised!  She gave me a list of things I should buy to fill in the gaps, & gave me a list of places where I could also buy them.  She ended up saving me so much money, more than I expected. It was such a fun and productive afternoon.

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